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             Green Carpet Cleaning with Rotary Jet Hot Water Extraction
We are committed to providing you the best carpet cleaning possible at a reasonable price. We use the method preferred by most carpet manufacturer: Hot water truck mounted extraction. We use the truck mount with a rotary jet machine with low moisture for agitation. Traditional steam cleaning is cleaned with a wand with high water pressure for agitating, normally saturating the carpet and pad. Our method not only cleans deep and more thorough, but it also keeps it dry enough the pad won't get wet. This means the carpet dries in a few hours, not days. Don’t fall for “splash and dash” methods. We use a Green Certified Natural Cleaner. The cleaner we use is safe and soap - free. Please allow ample time for your appointment as your technician will need time to walk the home with you and inspect your flooring, set up equipment including corner guards to protect your walls, drop cloths, properly clean your flooring, and walk with you again afterwards to ensure your satisfaction.
Our 10 Step Cleaning process insures the highest quality of cleaning possible:

1.Pre Inspection – Our technicians will walk with you before they begin cleaning to inspect your areas of concern, discuss pricing and procedures, and answer any questions you may have.
2. Home Protection - Our technicians wear shoe covers while we are in your home. We also place corner guards to protect your walls from hoses and tools. We place moving blankets down to protect your floors from tools and drips. We also put a door jam cover up to keep the outside elements out of the home, while our hoses are funneled out to the van.

3.Vacuuming – Vacuuming is an important first step in cleaning your carpet. Water mixed with dirt is mud and it is important to remove as much dry particles as possible before the clean begins. . This does not replace your normal vacuuming between appointments but ensures that the carpet is free of as much dry soil as possible.
4.Move Furniture -We will clean under certain furniture at the request of the customer. We will move them aside, vacuum, clean, and then place them back to their original spot. Often we will need to place foam blocks or plastic under the legs to protect the carpet from wood stain and rust. We move up to three pieces of furniture during service and are happy to move sofas, chairs, end tables, etc.  We can also move beds, dressers, or extra pieces  for an additional charge.

5. Pre-Treat-  We put down our all natural cleaner and pre-treat any stains. If needed this is also the time we would apply any deodorizers. We then allow it to dwell to help loosen soils and stains (think soaking your dishes before you wash them).
6. Edge Detail-  We will give your carpet a deep cleaning right up to any hard surface transitions, baseboards, and furniture. We do a cleaning of edges, corners and tight spaces with our tools. 

7. Rotary Extraction – Our rotary tool has six jets and vacuum ports. It spins and scrubs the carpet while rinsing the carpet with softened water, leaving your carpet as dry as possible. Depending on fiber type, we generally clean around 200°, our powerful equipment weakens the physical stain’s bond leaving you with the deepest cleaning possible . Low water pressure and heat are regulated to prevent over wetting. This step helps improve your air quality by removing the pollens, pollutants, dust mites, etc. from the carpet.
8.  Green Guard Carpet Protector Applied  – An optional additional charge but highly recommended– One of the most important steps, the carpet protector, will inhibit soiling and staining. Carpet has carpet protector added in when being made at the manufacturer; however it is removed with normal wear and cleaning. The carpet protector needs to be put back on. Carpet protector helps lengthen the time between your cleaning and makes cleaning up spills easier. It also resists dry soil and allows less soil to bond to the carpet, therefore, making it easier to vacuum up. It also extends the life of your carpet, saving you thousands in replacement costs. 
9. Post Groom and Speed Dry - These are multiple passes using our powerful suction to groom, remove as much moisture as possible, and allow your carpet to dry faster.  Small fans are used in certain instances to ensure drying.
10.Final Walk- Through –We don’t leave until you are happy! Your technician will walk with you to ensure your satisfaction with our work. 

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